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Bright Ideas

Lighting Upgrade Strategies for K12 Schools

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Lighting is about so much more than just making a room dark or bright; it has an impact on a building’s power consumption, the efficiency of its occupants….even occupant health. Today’s electrical engineers already design new schools with these things in mind, but what about existing buildings? Below are some of our recommended strategies to upgrade older K12 facilities and improve lighting quality for students and staff. 

  • Ditch the old luminaires. T12, T8, CFL, metal halide/HID are so outdated. Swap them to more efficient light sources, like LED with dimming control. 


  • Go wireless. When replacing fixtures 1-for-1, consider using wireless controls with built-in sensors. This can not only help reduce cost, but because it eliminates control wires and raceways with little impact to a building’s infrastructure, it allows flexibility for the future reconfiguration of spaces. This type of system works great for parking lots, gymnasiums, classroom, and those hard-to-access spaces above the ceiling. 


  • Harvest daylight wherever possible. Certain spaces can use skylights or windows to provide enough daylight to meet required illumination levels. 


  • Sit back and reflect. Make fixtures do more by choosing highly-reflective materials for interior walls, ceiling and floors. A little light can go a long way when it bounces off walls, floors, and ceiling tiles. 


  • Throw some shade. Avoid glare and heat gain from direct sunlight by installing shading systems on windows and skylights. 

With so many school districts implementing distance learning this fall, now is an excellent time for a safe and efficient assessment of existing buildings. Contact us to learn how we can help identify options to make your facilities better and brighter! 

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