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Pam Hartsell Named President of ASPE

Pam joined the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) nearly a decade ago with the goal of learning additional design skills that could help advance her career. While there's no doubt she's become a valuable asset here at SES, she's also become a valuable asset to ASPE itself. More than just an active member, Pam has served on ASPE's board for nine years, and this year was elected President of the organization's Eastern Michigan Chapter.

Although Pam never specifically planned to seek out Presidency, it almost seems as though she were destined for it. Her father, George Williams, was the Eastern Michigan Chapter's first president, and now 45 years later, Pam is following in his footsteps.

Pam is not the only one of our team members who is serving the ASPE organization; this year's election brought in several new faces from SES. Theresa Card is now Vice President Technical, Rachel Gendich is Treasurer, and George Bellman is serving as the ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) Liaison. 

Theresa Card

Vice President Technical

Rachel Gendich


George Bellman

AYP Liaison

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