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Theresa Card Named 2020 Plumbing Engineer of the Year by PM Engineer

Each year, Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer Magazine honors a single engineer who stands out above all the rest, and we're thrilled to announce that this year, they have selected our very own Theresa Card! Nominated by well-respected colleague and fellow ASPE member, Julius Ballanco, Theresa's passion and devotion to the industry was highlighted in the September issue of the publication.

Her love of buildings began at a young age with Legos, and although she quickly discovered that project engineer for a general contractor was not the right fit, her interest in math led her to find happiness in mechanical and plumbing systems engineering. Theresa takes great pride in all her projects, considering the solving of problems to be fun. She loves being able to pass by the buildings she worked on and say "I did that! If you're comfortable, I made that possible."  

According to Theresa, maintaining perspective is the key to being successful. "You have to know where the architect, contractor, and owner are all coming from. Many people get frustrated easily, or angry at other people. You have to take a step back and remember what it's all about, which is making the owner happy." She adds that "When your client is happy, everything works."

We couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments, and are thrilled to be able to count her as part of our team. Congratulations Theresa!

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What Theresa's Peers Are Saying About Her

-Bob Taylor, McWane Plumbing Group

"You can tell by talking with her that she loves what she does with a passion. It takes a special person to be good at what you do, have passion for how you do it, and have the devotion to give your time for pursuit of knowledge.
That is Theresa Card."
"Theresa uses her gifts to do more than just make a living. She uses them to make the world a better place."

-Pamela Hartsell, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc.

"I admire that Theresa is always striving to make this industry the best it can be. Her relentless positive action in being involved in the industry, even on her free time, has been noticed and appreciated by myself and I'm sure many others"

-Bob Thomas, Diversified Spec Sales

-Pam Hartsell, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc.

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