What we do

  • We design with a higher standard in mind.
  • We sharpen our pencils so you don’t have to.
  • We’ve been making green by being green since 1998.

What exactly do we do?

Well, if you have a need for facility engineering, SESĀ® can certainly help. We solve a lot of mechanical and electrical design challenges for owners, architects and facility managers every day.

What if you aren’t sure what you need? Well, we bet you know what you want, so let’s start there. Whether it’s an evaluation of your current systems, an understanding of your energy use, lower energy costs, affordable system renovations or even a little tire kicking on a new building we’ve got you. We offer financial engineering services designed to identify the need that delivers what you want.

And maybe you just want to learn more about sustainable design practices, or you’ve heard about a particular technology that might suit your next project. Let’s connect and talk shop.