SES Project Superintendent is Michigan’s Second Certified Geothermal Inspector


After completing comprehensive training, passing the examination, and proving more than ten years of experience in the field, SES Project Superintendent, Brian Haase, has been approved as a Certified Inspector of Ground Source Heat Pump (GHSP) Systems. This designation through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) recognizes professionals who demonstrate a high level of competence and ethical fitness in the inspection of ground source heat pump systems. Brian, who is also a Certified Geothermal Installer through IGHSPA, has been active in the geoexchange community for over a decade, performing installation for more than fifty commercial ground heat exchangers, as well as troubleshooting and correcting malfunctioning systems installed by others, and instructing city, township, and county inspectors how to better understand geothermal installations. He is only the second person in the State of Michigan to achieve inspector certification, and is now one of just 49 Certified Geothermal Inspectors in the world.